Tuesday, April 12, 2016

TOEFL Speaking Practice Questions With Answers [PDF] | Magoosh TOEFL Blog

(C) The prepositional phrase modifies. The Listening section is divided into 2 separately timed parts.

Topic 35 A live performance vs. They are both standardised tests which- in theory- means that the scores are consistent throughout the world.

. Pham commented: ‘Half way through the TOEFL exam I was exhausted.

7. Write a basic thesis statement. (D) The question asks, "Where is this conversation most likely taking.

M: Hey Lisa, you and your roommate have a recycling bin in your dormitory room, don't you? I'm sure I've thrown a water bottle in a bin at your place before..

This paper is inferior ________ that..

407Model Test 5Computer-Assisted TOEFLp.

All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.. You will need to scroll down through the reading and then click next before you start to see the questions. (A) is the simple present tense, used to denote scientific fact



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. The first word in the sentence, `if,` signifies a conditional.

Topic 92 Dynamic weather 258.

However, only a small portion of these underground deposits ever reach the hydrologic cycle; i.e., it never enters the constant movement of water on, above, and below the surface of the earth that characterizes most of the planet’s other water resources. Topic 12 Why people go to museums? 53.

"Erosion and Crustal Motion of Earth" (C) is a. Professor: The terms "obsessed" and "addicted" are used so loosely these days, that one of the most serious mental diseases in America is often not taken seriously even by medical professionals


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