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Manhattan GMAT Syllabus : GMAT

Motion problems, Work problems, Mixture problems.

Learn more about the format of GMAT Sentence Correction questions:. Structure of TA problems, Approach to TA problems.

The scores are valid for five years and can be sent to five Business Schools of your choice..

They go through problems step-by-step and show students what to look for and what tools are necessary.

Strategy, Paradox, and Flaw Questions.

GMAT was originally a paper-and-pencil test, it is now a computer-adaptive test (CAT), where examinees sit at a computer in a testing center. The GMAT 2014 Syllabus for the above mentioned sections are given in the following paragraphs of the article on GMAT 2014 Syllabus.


The second section onthe GMAT is the Integrated Reasoning Section, which was recently added on June5, 2012

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Word Problems 2

This lesson continues the topic of word problems. You will learn to express interest, profit, and discount problems in simple equations and solve them. You will also learn about sets problems, unions and intersection of sets, and learn to apply the theory in real GMAT problems.

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RC3. Specific Questions: Detail, Inference, and Argument Questions

This section of our GMAT syllabus introduces Specific questions, which refer to a particular part of the passage, as well as provides a detailed explanation of According to... or Detail questions, Inference questions, and Argument questions.


Simple and compound interest, Profit problems, Discount problems, Sets problems Age and coin problems


According to…and detail questions, Inference questions, Argument questions


The test is constantly evolving, reflecting the changing criteria by which Business Schools and Companies would like to assess the applicant. Graphics Interpretation: In this type, you are given a graph or a graphical image. Students are assigned structured homework assignments and a practice test each week. Main Idea, Purpose and Title Questions..

Your writing skills and abilities Clarity and logic in your argument Overall relevance of your essay with respect to the given topic. If a student is fortunate enough to score a perfect 800 in the GMAT he/she cannot take the GMAT again for five years (until after their score expires).


Countable Vs Uncountable. They are namely: Real Numbers Natural Numbers Integers Rational Variables - The topic variables consists only one lesson to be included for problem solving section as given below: Polynomials Relations - Relations is a small topic which deals with mathematical expressions as "=",">",". Critical Reasoning questions test reasoning skills that are involved in the making and evaluating of arguments, as well as in the formulation or evaluation of a plan of action.. This is an essay section where the test taker needs to write an analysis of the presented argument.. Screening process includes Group Discussion followed by a Personal Interview.

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