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Why should we hire you? You can state that you are hardworking and can be smart and confident in your work. Computer Application :.

Also use your hands to emphasize a point or get them to direct the listener’s gaze where you want it to concentrate.

Viva Voce (Personality Test).

(ii) The soup will taste better if it had more salt in it..

Smoking is bad for him..

Applicants who are not qualified in the OPSC Asst Section Officer Exam Solutions can view our site for more employment news.. The newly-constituted eco-panel will have to take all these aspects into account.

Questions shall be asked mainly from the following categories :

. Just as Italy gave the gift of culture and religion to Western Europe, India did so to Eastern Asia though China was as old and venerable as India.

(vii) Do not prevent the child to read..

To feed our increasing population , forest areas need to be cleared to increase land area available for cultivation. We tend to lean forward, hand on chin when we are interested, or turn away when disinterested.

But for those who have  grasped the principles of war and have understood that the human factor is the most important element in it.

(i) The man …………………. I speak of peace because of the new face of war

. (b) Of the words given in brackets, choose the one that you think is appropriate : 10.

All the candidates satisfying the educational qualifications and age criteria will only be allowed to even apply for the examination rest other application without the relevant documents will be rejected.

While there may have been justification for such indiscipline under different political circumstances, we feel that there is no justification on for such acts of indiscipline after the attainment of independence. How will you compensate your lack of experience? This question is generally put forth to young job seekers, who have little or no experience

Name of the Test Maximum Marks Total Time allotted
General English and General Knowledge 100 Not mentioned
Concerned Subject


Paper-I 200 03 hours
Paper-II 200 03 hours

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