Friday, April 15, 2016

IIT JEE Main (AIEEE) and JEE Advanced coaching options | IIT JEE syllabus

Maximum marks – 360 (90*4). Organic Chemistry by Morrison & Boyd.

Preparing with only board exams in mind may not give you edge in competitive examinations..

 A)  FIITJEE gives comprehensive preparation for all competitive exams as well as Board exams .Many board toppers are FIITJEE students.

Equations of a line and a plane in different forms, intersection of a line and a plane, coplanar lines.. She is proud of helping lots of people; she has started 223 articles and reached over 24 million readers with her advice

. You may also ask your query through comment box. Here from this page you can get complete JEE Advanced Syllabus for exam such as Maths, Physics, and Aptitude Test & Chemistry
Morning SessionAfternoon session*
Entry in the Examination Hall0900 HRS. (IST)1330 HRS. (IST)
Last entry in the Examination Hall0930 HRS. (IST)1400 HRS. (IST)
Test commences0930 HRS. (IST)1400 HRS. (IST)
Test concludes1230 HRS. (IST)1700 HRS. (IST)
. Class 11 topics for JEE Main 2016 syllabus.

Preparation, properties and reactions of alkanes: Homologous series, physical properties of alkanes (melting points, boiling points and density); Combustion and halogenation of alkanes; Preparation of alkanes by Wurtz reaction and decarboxylation reactions. Electromagnetic induction; Faraday’s law, induced emf and current; Lenz’s Law, Eddy currents. ·         Amino acids.

However, the level of difficulty associated with each topic will be different.  Q) I want to continue in State board PU College? Can FIITJEE help me excel specifically in PU College?.

Properties of definite integrals.

IIT JEE Chemistry-Chemical Bonding Video Lecture – 14.

Some Highlights of JEE Main – Paper 2.

Be of three hour duration.

Follow me on Google+ and Twitter. The States of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Nagaland, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Uttarakhand and Odisha have connected with JEE (Main) system..

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