Saturday, October 1, 2016

Cheats Zombie Sniper 3D III

Zombie Sniper 3D III

Cheats Zombie Sniper 3D III
The best shooting game in this year is coming! ! !
It will bring you a different game experience! ! !
New graphics and smooth game control! ! !
Different game modes let you feel refreshed! ! !
Zombie Sniper 3D III is a very realistic first-person shooting game. Immersive 3D effects! Players need fight back the zombies. Just tap to aim at your target and tap fire icon to shoot bullets! When you use up bullets, you can tap load icon to reload bullets. In the game, you will meet many kinds of zombies, such as giant zombie, female zombie, and so on. You have to shoot 2 bullets to kill one zombie, but if you shoot its head you only need shoot 1 bullet. When you shoot zombie’s body, you can make it stop moving. Shoot round can to make it explode! If you have grenade or knife, you can damage zombie more heavily. Throw grenades to kill giant zombies! The levels in the game are changeable and varied. And there are special levels for you! Each time you kill a zombie, you can get coins. Collect coins to buy machine gun and rifle gun! If you like zombie-themed games, you can try this one!
1. Various zombies make the game more terrible!
2. Rich game scenes and multi-story buildings! Endless mode!
3. View of first-person makes you feel more immersive!
4. Players can change weapons in battlefield!
5. Zombie Sniper 3D III is more challenging and has all types of weapons! Bring you new game experience!

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