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The Archer - Defending Castle Hacks and cheats

The Archer - Defending Castle

The Archer - Defending Castle Hacks and cheats
The Archer is an strategy game similar to the games of defense of the castle or tower with many action. The playing area is divided into two areas, the left side and right side of the screen. In the left side are placed the "good guys" and in the right side are placed the enemies.

The user plays with the archer of green color. The other partners are handled by the game's AI.

The protagonist shoots arrows to kill enemies, and his assistants fired deadly tomahawks.

The enemies are divided into 4 classes:
• Skeleton
• Ogre
• Ogre in armor
• Murderer

Each of them has its own properties like stamina, projectiles, and shot.

The skeleton enemy shoots arrows, the ogre enemy shoots a stone axes, the ogre in armor enemy shoots arrows, and the murderer enemy shoots daggers.

Moving the archer
The movement system that has developed in the game is a dynamic and innovative system. The player slides his finger over the archer into the position where you want to move. A white circle within a larger circle appears. The small white circle is associated with the archer, and the large circle is associated with where is going to be moved the archer.

How to shoot
The shooting system is similar to system movement. To shoot the circles will be green. Simply moving click and drag your finger on any area of the right half side of the screen, where the enemies are, to adjust the properties of the shot, which is the speed or power of the arrow, and its direction. The arrow will make a parabola with the assigned properties.

Game levels
The game has 10 levels, and to pass each level, you have to kill all the enemies they come out before they kill you.
For each level, the enemies are organized in several waves. Each wave has different enemies.
Try to keep your life bar in good condition, because as waves pass, and up the levels, the game is complicated.

In The Archer you have to defense your castle or tower. With a good soundtrack and good and detailed graphics, good gameplay achieved for the user to pass a few hours shooting arrows to the enemies.

If you liked the game, please remember to give us a review on Google Play and 5 stars and a +1. This helps us to continue developing free games.

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